Magic in the Margins: A Medieval Tale of Bookmaking


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By W. Nikola-Lisa & Illustrated by Bonnie Christensen

Inspired by a vignette in a Medieval manuscript, Nikola-Lisa introduces Simon, a talented young scriptorium apprentice whose artistic awakening comes only after the Abbot tells him to capture the mice with which the monastery is afflicted. Wondering what capturing mice could have to do with art, Simon sets out to catch the elusive creatures—and though he fails to lay hands on any, in time, he comes to realize that “capture” means observing them closely and, on an additional hint from the Abbot, using his imagination to draw them with life and humor. Using Medieval styles and materials, Christensen decorates the margins surrounding the text and her large, simply painted, illustrations with leafy vines and small human figures, as well as fanciful flora and fauna. Recommended for children 7-10 years.

32 pages
11 x 9 inches