100 Places in Cuba Every Woman Should Go


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By Conner Gorry

The secret is out: Cuba is the world’s sexiest, most magnetic travel destination and is ready for your next visit! The 100 places profiled in this book are the result of decades of travel, research, and living in Cuba by a US journalist with uncommon access, ensuring travelers incomparable experiences. Much more than a prescriptive list, these narratives incorporate adventures and mishaps, insider opinion, slang, gossip, and conversations with Cubans during a historic shift which saw Soviet support evaporate, Fidel Castro take his final bow, economic reforms whiffing suspiciously of capitalism, and quasi-normalization with the United States. From exclusive interviews with prestigious Cubans to tales from intrepid travelers, these stories decipher the mysteries of Cuba while describing the country’s most alluring sites, sounds, and off-the-beaten track locales. 

350 Pages
5 x 7 Inches