Fu Lion Seal Figurine


Price: $49.95

Fu Lions, or Fu Dogs, are a common representation of the lion in pre-modern China dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC- AD 220). Statues of guardian lions have traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, Imperial tombs, government offices, temples, and the homes of government officials and the wealthy and were believed to have powerful mythic protective benefits. The lions are usually depicted in pairs and when used as statues, the pair would consist of a male resting his paw upon an embroidered ball (in imperial contexts, representing supremacy over the world) and a female reassuring a playful cub that is on its back. This handsome cast-bronze replica seal, used in stamping official or imperial documents, features a striking Fu Lion with detailed relief design on the sides. Measures approximately 1 ½ x 5 ¼ inches in size.