Handmade Crabs Mini Vase

Handmade Crabs Mini Vase

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The perfect gift for anyone! Cute red and blue crabs crawl across the surface of this adorable mini vase. Each piece is handmade and size, shape and patterns vary from piece-to-piece. 

Some of the world’s most distinctive pottery is created in San Juan de Oriente, a small village nestled among volcanoes in Nicaragua. In a typical village scene you are likely to see ox carts delivering clay and other materials to the various workshops. The clay is “thrown” on a kick wheel to form the shape. Afterward, they are painted using mineral oxides and then meticulously carved, sgraffito style, using home-made tools typically fashioned from the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Once the decorative incisions are complete, the pot is baked in a wood-burning kiln, constructed from adobe bricks in a traditional bee hive configuration, where it is finally removed and polished.

Each piece is signed by the artist and measures approximately 5" tall.

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