Lewis Chessmen Cufflinks


Price: $39.95

Look familiar? The Lewis Chessmen were the inspiration for “Wizard’s Chess” in the Harry Potter movie “The Sorcerer’s Stone! Currently housed in the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland, the original Lewis chessmen  are the best known game pieces in the world. They were carved from ivory in the late 12th and early 13th century and were found 700 years later on the Island of Lewis.  Ninety-three pieces from a compendium of games, including four distinct chess sets, were found.

Now available in our Museum Store is this handsome set of Lewis Chessmen hinged-cufflinks faithfully reproduced in pewter with an antique silver finish. Measuring approximately ¾ x ½ inches, they are the perfect gift for the chess player in your life or the Harry Potter fan!