Making Merrye: Joyful Medieval Song and Dances CD


Price: $18.95

Cheerful sounds and ringing melodies abound in this lovely collection of late-medieval music, compiled with the colourful cover image in mind. Bombards, shawms, lutes, harps and gitterns provide a rich programme of music, with songs and instrumental music from Spain, Italy, France and Britain.

Performances by Sara Stowe: voice, pipe and tabor; Sharon Lindo: pipes; Jon Banks: voice, gittern, harp, dulcimer, percussion, shawm; Matthew Spring: lute, gittern, hurdy-gurdy, percussion; The Oxford Girls' Choir: Estampie; John Rowlands-Pritchard: Worldes bliss; Michelene Wandor: recorder.

24 tracks, Over 1 Hour of Music