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Petite Egyptian Lotus Bangle Bracelet

Petite Egyptian Lotus Bangle Bracelet

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This petite bracelet is a perfect for the jewelry lover looking for a contemporary and subtle nod to Egyptian aesthetic. The cloisonné technique used here was highly appreciated by the Ancient Egyptians. Symbolism always played a very important role in Egyptian art. The lotus flower, which frames the setting on each side, is directly linked to the idea of rebirth. It is from this flower that the sun rises every morning. In the Book of the Dead of Ancient Egypt, a chapter is devoted to the rebirth of the deceased under this aspect. Furthermore, the color red evokes the notion of energy and dynamism, the dark blue of lapis lazuli symbolizes the deep blue of the sky at night, while the light blue of the turquoise stone is a symbol of joy. Developed for the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, this adjustable 2.5-inch bracelet is gold-plated with turquoise and blue epoxy details.