Tibetan Prayer Flag Incense Set

Tibetan Prayer Flag Incense Set

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Our traditional Tibetan-style incense is made from hand-blended Himalayan Flora. Available in 5 different scents, each bundle is specially wrapped in sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper with a charming set of mini Tibetan Prayer Flags! Bundles come with 18 sticks of incense measuring 5.5” long.

The Nag Champa blend has a magnolia-like scent and is sweetened with a touch of honey.

Our exotic resinous Myrrh blend has a warm, sweet and nutty scent with a clean finish. 

Our Juniper incense has a fresh pine-resin scent with a light woodsy note.

The Frankincense blend has a warming and spicy balsam scent with a light lemony zing.

The Tibetan Spice blend has a woodsy spicy scent and includes Nutmeg, Canarium, Cardamom and Cloves.