Léon Bonvin Rose Bush Small Journal

Léon Bonvin Rose Bush Small Journal

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This journal is sure to be meaningful addition to any writer's workspace! Perfect to jot down your early morning meditations or keep calming notes throughout your day, this journal makes a great gift.

Featuring a beautiful watercolor by Léon Bonvin (1834-1866) from the Walters' collections, this 19th century artist never received the same notoriety as his half-brother Francois (1817-1887), a well-regarded realist painter. Few sources have been able to convey the image of this misunderstood and ill-fated artist. In order to make a living, he took over his father's inn in Vaugirard. There he painted watercolors far from the gaze of the Parisian artistic and cultural milieu. He found subjects in his immediate environment: bunches of wild flowers, still lifes, views of the still rural and working-class plain on the outskirts of Paris. This work was commissioned by William T. Walters himself.

This hardcover lined journal has 100 pages and is covered with a velvet laminate giving the journal a soft suede-like feel. Measures 4.25 x 6".

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