Across Asia and the Islamic World

Across Asia and the Islamic World

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Across Asia and the Islamic World: Movement and Mobility in the Arts of East Asian, South and Southeast Asian, and Islamic Cultures

New collection volume highlights the strengths, variety and sheer wonder of The Walters Art Museum’s unique Asian and Islamic collections 

The Walters Art Museum is among America’s most distinctive museums, forging connections between people and art from cultures around the world and spanning seven millennia. The museum features a stunning array of objects, from sumptuous Qur’ans and captivating Hindu and Buddhist sculptures, to evocative ink paintings and artfully crafted ceramics and metalworks. 

This new volume illuminating how mobility has long enriched art in manifold ways will be published in March 2023 to celebrate the reinstallation of the museum’s Asian and Islamic collections. Across Asia and the Islamic World will be the first volume in a series of titles which break away from the traditional academic approach. The series is built around themes that transcend period, form, locale and medium, and is part of the museum’s wider initiative to focus resources on developing new ways of interpreting its collections. 

64 pp.
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