African Venus Poster


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Charles Henri Joseph Cordier submitted a plaster cast of the bust of an African visitor to Paris to the Salon of 1848, Said Abdullah of the Mayac, Kingdom of Darfur. Two years later he again entered it as a bronze. In 1851, a young African woman served as the model for the companion piece.  Known in The Walters Collection as African Venus. Regarded by 19th-century viewers as powerful expressions of nobility and dignity in the face of grave injustice, these sculptures proved to be highly popular: casts were acquired by the Museum of Natural History in Paris and also by Queen Victoria. The Walters' pair were cast by the Paris foundry Eck and Durand in 1852.These busts maked the beginning of an ethnographic series by Cordier.

This poster measures 12 x 18 inches including border.

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