Rabbit Seasons Chopstick Set

Rabbit Seasons Chopstick Set

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5 pairs of bunny chopsticks make this set perfect to celebrate the seasons year-round! Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, as well as a pair featuring the rabbit and the moon in honor of the Moon Festival are all found in this charming addition to your kitchen’s utensil collection.

Handwash recommended.

Tsuki no Usagi is one of Japan's most popular folktales:

One night, the man on the moon came down to earth disguised as a beggar. He chanced upon a fox, a monkey, and a rabbit (usagi) and asked for some food. The fox brought him fish from a stream, and the monkey brought fruit from the trees, but the rabbit could only offer grass. So he told the beggar to build a fire, and when it was built, threw himself onto the flames to offer himself to the man. Amazed by the rabbit's generosity, the beggar transformed back into the man on the moon and pulled the rabbit from the fire. To honor the rabbit's kindness, he carried the rabbit back to the moon to live with him. Now, if you look at the full moon, you can see the outline of the rabbit pounding mochi on the moon.