The Medieval World: The Walters Art Museum

The Medieval World: The Walters Art Museum

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By Martina Bagnoli and Kate Gerry

The Medieval World explores significant themes of medieval art through an examination of nearly 150 stunning objects from the Walters Art Museum, one of the richest collections of medieval art in the United States. The book features examples of sculpture, metalwork, enamels, stained glass, jewelry and illuminated manuscripts, ranging in date from Late Antiquity to the early Renaissance.
By means of a lively narrative, this book serves as a guide to a fuller understanding and appreciation of medieval art. Divided into topics such as the classical tradition, materials and manufacture, liturgical implements and their context, relics and reliquaries, and objects from daily life, each of the chapters is generously illustrated with full views, feature boxes and details.

This book features a selection of works from the museum’s collection. An extensive and fully annotated checklist, bibliography, and index provide a gateway to further reading. The Medieval World is a celebration of the creativity, ingenuity and skill of the artists who produced the works of art, as well as the tastes of their patrons.

216 pages
11 x 8 inches